Byeeeee Sugar: It’s not me…it’s YOU!

by | Jan 2, 2019 | Living Well

It started with the Halloween candy and moved into Pumpkin everything. And then came the cookie exchanges, the office parties, festivities with friends and family, and New Years Eve. You’ve been riding the holiday sugar high for months now and you feel bloated, tired, and fat. I know. Me too.

If you’ve resolved to “Get Healthy in 2019”, great! I got your back! But maybe you’re stuck in the “F*ck It!” phase.

Why bother? I didn’t change in 2018!

I can relate. If you’re tired of trying, then here’s my best piece of advice for you: STOP TRYING! Yes, I said it. “Diet” is a four letter word and while it may be simple, that doesn’t mean it’s easy!

So instead of changing everything and eating cabbage soup for the next month (who came up with that diet, anyway?), here’s one small change you can start with that will not only shift the scale, but will also make you feel better.


Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, you’ve heard about the deleterious effects of sugar:

“Sugar is more addictive than cocaine”

“It will rot your teeth”

“Sugar feeds cancer”

“Sugar is HIGHLY inflammatory”

YES, IT IS! You see, sugar and carbohydrates are broken down during digestion into their simplest parts: glucose! If this glucose isn’t used immediately, it gets stored in your liver and muscle tissue as glycogen as a backup fuel source. But when those stores are full, the body banks excess glucose as fat cells.. That’s super cool if you’re a cave man or if food is scarce. But for most of us in this country that are not likely to experience a famine anytime soon, our well-meaning bodies double backup system coupled with copious amounts of sugar in the Standard American Diet (SAD) is simply making us sick, tired, and FAT.


Start with the refined stuff

At the very least, ditch the white crap. You know, the stuff that looks like cocaine? Quit it. Get it out of your house. Don’t buy things that contain it. This includes white flour and foods that contain white flour. These things don’t play nice with the body and end up making you crave more white shit. Just like cocaine!

2) Stay out of the center aisles of the grocery store

This is where sugar is hiding. In your processed foods. Yes, the label says coconut sugar or agave nectar and it certainly sounds healthier than sugar, but it’s not. Steer clear.

3) Be mindful of fruit and starchy vegetables

If you know that you have a serious sugar addiction (and most of us do), then be careful with how you consume fruit and starchy veggies. Some nutritionists advise against eating these things entirely but that is crazy talk in my opinion. These foods have so many health benefits. Go ahead and eat them, but with intention. And timing is important here. If you have a super fruit smoothie with banana and other high glycemic fruits in it for breakfast, you will likely spend the remainder of the day craving sugar.

4) Plan for cravings

Listen people. I am probably the biggest sugar addict you have ever met. Really! Know why I don’t have cookies in my house? Because I ate them all. #BadNutritionist. But life is short and I like to indulge a little so I plan for attacks of the sugar monster and keep dark chocolate (80% cacao and above) on hand. One square with almond butter on top and a handful of blueberries usually satisfies the sweet tooth and packs a nice punch of antioxidants as an added bonus. But just in case that won’t do it for you, here’s a recipe to help you fight sugar cravings and break the cycle of this dysfunctional relationship.

Chocolate Coconut Dino Roars



  • 1 silicone food mold (small) like this one **Note: Any mold will do. Your roarsome chocolate bites don’t have to be dino shaped.
  • ½ Cup Coconut Manna or Coconut Butter (same thing, different names)
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 bar 75% (or higher) dark chocolate


Place jar of coconut in warm water to melt slightly. Stir so that coconut oil and butter are mixed well. Set aside 

Break up and melt chocolate in a double boiler or glass bowl over pot with boiling water.

Fill each mold ¼ full with chocolate. Set in freezer to harden for 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, in separate glass bowl, using the double boiler method, melt ½ cup coconut butter. Add vanilla and stir well.

Once hardened, pop treats out of mold and enjoy! Store in fridge.

Fill the remainder of your molds with coconut butter mixture and set in freezer for another 10-15 minutes.

Amberly Rowland

Integrative Nutritionist

I’m Amberly, a Clinical & Integrative Nutritionist. I help women who’ve had cancer go from just “surviving” to THRIVING by amping up their nutrition, reducing stress, and teaching them how to be in the present moment.

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